Amazon - Fly in Web / Something Orthoptera

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Amazon - Fly in Web / Something Orthoptera

Post by crotermund »

Well it isn't a very pretty picture, but it was fun, nonetheless. The fly was struggling to get free and I stuck with it until that point where the trapped insect seems to know what the inevitable outcome is going to be and suddenly gets still as if he can sense something coming. Anyway, this shot was right before the spider came out and wrapped him thoroughly. 8)


Frankly, I don't know if it is a grasshopper or katydid from this angle...

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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Poor fly. Why is it that when your pupose in life is finally fulfilled, the obvious end is just around the corner? In the case of this fly, being part of the food chain. :roll: Yeah that little hopper looks as though to be a Katydid. I think they are kind of comical when you shoot them head-on, they look as though they have been up to something. :lol:

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Post by beetleman »

I don`t feel sorry for the looks like a biting fly (horsefly) to me, and the second fella looks kinda cute :wink: Great pair of photos Craig. Got a picture of the spider??? :D
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