Itsy, bitsy lizard :)

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Itsy, bitsy lizard :)

Post by twebster »


Hi y'all, :D

It's been forever since I had the time (and subject) to post an image in our galleries :!: :D This itsy, bitsy lizard crawled up on a rock next to me to catch the last rays of sunshine while I was waiting to photograph some songbirds. I couldn't resist making his portrait. :D

I used my Canon 300mm f 4L non-IS lens with the 1.4x teleconverter attached. To focus close enough I added a 25mm extension tube between the lens and the teleconverter. This is still a 50% crop from full frame, however. It was just minutes before the sun set and I was using ISO 800 on my 20D and I used the on-camera flash to provide some fill flash to lighten the shadows. With the teleconverter and the extension tube I had to set the lens wide open which made for a very shallow depth of field. As you can see, the foreleg, auditory meatus, and eye are sharp but I lost the tip of the nose due to the shallow depth of field. It was fun and a challenge, though :!: :D

Enjoy, my friends :!: :D
Tom Webster

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Post by beetleman »

Looks like he was getting ready to fall asleep :D Pretty nice little critter and a great capture Tom.
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I don't know what it is with lizards, they always have that smug look on their face and this one even with a "gleem" in its eye. :D

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Post by Danny »

I love the textured scales in this one Tom. Eye to eye level I just love and this shows why. Excellent use of gear M8t.

All the best up and beyond :D :wink:

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