Amazon Pics Part 50

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Amazon Pics Part 50

Post by Moebius »

Can't say the Peruvian rain forest version differs too much from its North American cousin


These hoppers were quite small (<1cm); found near dusk.


Looks like another immature hopper


Ken Nelson
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Post by nephiliim »

Hey Ken,

Nice set of images there m8, really cool. #2 is my favourite, a bit like an polonaise (if you guys know what that is).

All the best,

Tom B
Sometimes smaller is better eh? nodge nodge :lol

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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Three excellent photos Ken.

I notice that your portrait postings are only 400x600. Is that because they are anyway full (out-of-camera) size crops? With such unusual and interesting animal subjects I'm always eager to view them as large as the forum allows (600x800 retaining the same aspect ratio).

Just greedy to see more (in every respect) of your pictures Ken. :D

Also, for purely artistic purposes I would have been tempted to rotate pic1 so that the leaf was perfectly vertical (appreciate this a subjective criticism). I like the black RH margin and would try to keep at least same width as you have at top of frame.


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Post by beetleman »

Beautiful pictures Ken. I thank you again for sharing them with us. I cannot believe all the hopper shots you have shown us :shock:
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Doug Breda

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Post by Danny »

Oh yeah, just brilliant. Loved all these shots and what a neat time to experience. You sure brought back some amazing shots. Great eye.

All the best Ken. :D

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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Post by Moebius »


There is a reason for the resolution the pics are in.

I upload the original resolution image (JPEG) to my pic viewing site, Smugmug. Smugmug has the option to share the image in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large). I share the large size, which happens to share out as the resolution you are viewing.

I prefer to upload the native resolution for a couple reasons. One, I would rather not lower it if I don't have to as I can always go back and view the original, and secondly, processing this volume of pics, I don't want to have to create second copy at a specified resolution and upload that one as well.

Besides, if I blew them up even more, my flaws would be more readily apparent. :wink:


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