Crest of a wave cactus...

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Crest of a wave cactus...

Post by beetleman »

This is a picture of the crested cactus my wife bought for me. I`m sorry, but I would not have bought it for myself. I would have said "yes, it is interesting, but". Don`t tell my wife I said that and no offence to the cactus lovers here.....I`m more into tropical plants. There was no ID on the plant tag. It does look like Irwin`s "Wave of a crest " picture a few posts back.


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Doug Breda

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Post by Adrian »

hahaha :lol: , the top shot dose look quite interesting though, all these "cactie"? kinda reminds me of how i used to be facinated with them when i a boy, i like bugs now! espeically those cute little furry spiders

Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Well at least you know she loves you Doug :smt058

Like Irwin and Dave (respectively), you either love 'em or you hate 'em. Hmmmm...I think this could be the same species as Irwin's plant Euphorbia lactea cristata - although this one has an interesting variagated body colour don'y you think?


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

I have never seen a catus like this before Doug, quite unusual. :D

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Post by DaveW »


You will not have seen a cactus like that before because it is not one! It is "the old worlds" equivalent of the "new worlds" cacti. As Bruce says it is a Euphorbia, one of the other succulents, and a cristate one at that.

Doug, watch if you damage a Euphorbia as the milky white latex has varying degrees of toxicity according to the species. Avoid getting it into your eyes or onto sensitive skin as it can burn. If you get it on your hands wash it off at once.

There are two things I never got hooked on, one was "Other Succulents" and the other was monstrose plants of which cristation is an example where the growing point grows in a linear manner.

The plant also looks as if it is grafted, on I presume another Euphorbia as stock?


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Post by cactuspic »

Very nice Doug. That is in fact the same species although the variegarion is nicer in you clone. Euphorbia lactea crest. I hope it grows well.


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