Rhino Vipers Feeding in Stereo! (Graphic)

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Mike B in OKlahoma
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Rhino Vipers Feeding in Stereo! (Graphic)

Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »


Two captive (obviously) rhinocerous vipers chow down. One seems to be hoping that he can stealthily suck down the other's meal....But fortunately for the other snake, mice aren't like spaghetti!
Mike Broderick
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Nothing like a mouse buffet I always say. "Three Squeals," baby mice on a bed of rice and that is for real too! People actaully eat them :shock: Over in the orient some place, maybe China, I think. Pretty neat photograph there Mike :D , something we definitely don't see very often, unless it is a spider chow'n down. :roll:

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Post by beetleman »

Talk about being at the right place at the right time. They don`t feed snakes too often and a great capture to get them both in the same picture :shock: I bet you were very excited to get this shot Mike. :wink:
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Post by MacroLuv »

That's bon appetite. :shock:
That tree chunk looks like a snake's skin. 8)
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Really excellent action photo Mike. Kinda amusing too as the snake with the mouthful is understandably giving his/her buddy the evil eye.


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Post by Moebius »

Looks like the left snake already swallowed his meal...can see the second tail sticking out of his mouth. Trying to make a pig of itself.

Great picture of a dual feeding!


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