The Guessing Game -- Solution

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The Guessing Game -- Solution

Post by Carl_Constantine »

Well, those were all very good and interesting attempts at guessing my subject matter. But here is the real solution. These are teeth. Specifically, my teeth. I went to the oral surgon the other day to have these pulled. The first one, is one of my front teeth that had been growing behind the others. Some of it started to decay on the inside and broke off in my mouth a few months ago. Here's the full tooth:


The second tooth, is my upper left wisdom tooth. Upon examining my teeth when that first tooth became a problem, the dentist determined that my wisdom tooth was also starting to decay from the inside a bit and it wasn't being used anyway (my bottom wisdom teeth were pulled years ago). There's a cut in the tooth so that they could pull it better:


This tooth is interesting because some of the bone came with it, as you see in this shot (hope you're not squemish):


Now, grossness and such aside, what about the technical details of these images? Did I do a good job capturing them? Enough detail? Lighting?

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Post by MacroLuv »

Well... appetitlich ... Germans would say :shock:
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Post by beetleman »

:oops: ....... :oops: "Very Good Carl.... :oops: :oops:
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Well I don't know about lighting and such but there is not enough tissue attached to those teeth :lol: I lost mine years ago too and those that are left are following in hot persuit. Gross, yeah maybe a little. Last year, I think :-k , Tom featured his "kidney stone." What a brusier that was. :shock:

Okay, any one else with some anatomical parts removed, they want to share? :lol:

Maybe we could get that Iguana to show us his :roll:

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