Amazon Pics Part 31

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Amazon Pics Part 31

Post by Moebius »

This very tiny guy (a few mm) I am guessing is an immature homopteran of some sort.


Ants farming something...are these aphids?


Little white homopteran


Ken Nelson
Canon 30D
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Another nice set of images there Ken :D , the first and second especially so. The first, again, appears to be a very young and immature tree hopper and the second, I would assume are the ants riding herd on a number of "mealy bugs." :D

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Post by MacroLuv »

Great photographs Ken, with unusual creatures! :D
Only ants looks common for me but I think Gordon would be delighted with details. First one makes a great subject for Jody's macro setup. :wink:
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Gordon C. Snelling
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Post by Gordon C. Snelling »

Wonderful shots. The ants are tending immature leafhoppers, not an uncommon situation. The ants I am not sure of the Ident on but the look like a Dolichoderus sp. However the one feature needed to make the Id for sure is not visible. Either way super.

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Post by cactuspic »

Great shots Ken. The ants sure look like overlords of an evil regime.


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Post by beetleman »

Gordon, now that you mentioned leafhoppers, I can see them. More wonderful photos Ken. The first one is a real cutie :wink:
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