My First Macro Shot

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My First Macro Shot

Post by phero66 »

Hello all and big thanks to the many who have been answering my persistent questions in the technical forums as of late. Finally, after weeks of waiting I got all the needed equipment to take my first macro shot. I had about 5min before I had to dash to work so this isn't as exciting as all the creatures and bugs, but considering how long it has been on my wrist it probably is growing all kinds of bacteria...if only I had a microscope.

Canon 5D
Olympus OM Bellows
OM to Canon EOS mount
Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens @f11
52mm reverse mount to OM adaptor


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Post by rjlittlefield »

YES!! It's clear, it's sharp, and it's SMALL! You have arrived, my friend. :D


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Post by phero66 »

thanks Rik! :D

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

As they say, "all good things come with time." Looks as though your time has arrived. As Rik said, "its clear, it's sharp and its small." So what are you waiting for, go shoot something more! :lol: Good first shot! :D

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Post by MacroLuv »

Welcome buddy! :D
Nice details, you captured even some dust. :wink:
From what that red reflection comes? Camera's AF lamp maybe?
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Post by phero66 »

The reddish color is a reflection from my hand - I saw it when I was positioning the watch and thought it looked nice. The watch is filthy, and dusty!

Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Welcome to the forum!

I have been following your post on lens stacking with interest so was pleased to see your excellent first macro shot. I must complement you on the chosen point of critical focus, which IMO is perfect for the particular subject and makes absolutely the best use of the very limited DOF.


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Post by beetleman »

I think its great. I find the subject very interesting and composed nicely and as everyone else stated, all the technical stuff looks super. Welcome to the forums phero66. We look forward to seeing more of your shots :wink:
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Post by DaveW »


Not only is the image good, but with the equipment line up to take it you must be a diplomat because you have managed to keep most of the rival photographic camps happy in one shot, Nikon, Olympus and Canon!


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Post by phero66 »

hah, i didn't realize I was so diplomatic, and here I was just trying to be cheap!

Thank you for all the kind comments. Now if only my first escapade with stacking turned out so well. :cry:

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