Green Fly Closeup...

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Green Fly Closeup...

Post by crocoite »

Got another shot of the green iridescent fly and this time had more light (and a steadier hand!). This is a crop pretty well at maximum. You can see the original in the bottom right-hand corner. I'm liking this camera...

...and no, I didn't use the unsharp mask...
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Post by beetleman »

I`d say very nice for a crop Steve. It looks like he only has one big ocelli :shock:
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

very impressive result there Steve. Focus is just about spot on for the thorax and head (abdomen is not bad either) and there is even a hint of detail in those large, green compound eyes.

On my mother's CRT monitor (I'm visiting her at the moment) the right eye shows a sort of moiré effect which I presume was/is generated by the extremely fine, mesh like pattern of the multi-faceted eye structure.

The underslung end of the abdomen is interesting too - I noticed it in your earlier posting.


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Post by crocoite »

Thanks guys. I was out again this evening and noticed some unusual behaviour with these guys (amazing what you see when you look!).

Remember the "toy" bird that used to take in some water, bob back up, and eventually make it back down to the water again...and so on...

Well this one appeared to be doing the same sort of movement. On a leaf. Not sure why. There was no moisture... :?

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Post by svalley »

Nice capture, Steve! Those eyes are great.
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