Critters on erigeron daisies...

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Critters on erigeron daisies...

Post by crocoite »

A wee bit hot here tonight. Temperature in the low 30s (Centigrade) and sticky with hardly a breath of wind. Perfect for early evening shots. These three were all taken around 7.15pm...

The first I think are red spider mites...(I counted four)...
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Post by rjlittlefield »

Pic #2 looks like a rove beetle, family Staphylinidae, see for example and ... eetles.htm . The overall shape is similar to some lady beetle larvae, but black, smooth, and shiny says beetle.


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Post by Gordon C. Snelling »

The second is a thrip of some sort, the third does indeed look like a weevil.

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Post by beetleman »

Sorry to hear it is sooooooo hot there Steve :wink: it is a little warm here for winter also. The ski areas still have no snow. Great shots of the different insects (execpt the mites). The red mites are a little creepy when you see them real up close.
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