Favourite pic of the year

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Favourite pic of the year

Post by puzzledpaul »

As per the title, I wondered if other people have a favourite pic (taken by themselves) of 2006?

May not necessarily be the 'best / sharpest etc' - just one they like (best?) for whatever reason.

Will be a very difficult task for many here - as they've got a much bigger pile to choose from than myself :)

This is mine - which I refer to / think of as 'The first kiss?'

Taken in early May, I was forced to shoot in .jpg as daughter had filled all other cards, leaving me only a 32mb one (for a 10D!)

Difficult physical circumstances (v.low to ground) and only got 2 chances before had to transfer the files - and this pair had obviously cleared off upon my return.
Flies are approx 5 - 6mm long, btw.

10D + 200mmFD macro + extn tubes + tripod
Uncropped, natural light, 400 iso (from memory)


Fullsize crop of 'the business end' :)



Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Hi Paul,

Can understand why this is your favourite photo of 2006. In my opinion content (ie message/story-line) is the most important element in any great pic - and this one has that in spades. It also happens to be sharp, well lit and an overall pleasing composition.

Will check out my 2006 archive.


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Post by Carl_Constantine »

I can see the title now "Oh Honey, I LOVE you!"

Great Shot PP. I abree with Bruce, great detail and clarity and a nice "capture the moment" shot. Well done.
Carl B. Constantine

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Post by Moebius »

Wow, good idea, though it would be so tough to pick one (regardless of the Amazon trip, which of course compounds the attempt).

This reminds me of something I did the for the year 2004, which is a year before I had any macro equipment at all...just a Canon A80. I didn't not take near the number of pics I do now, so I put all the pics in a collage.


Was fun to do and am pleased with the result, but would be extremely hard paring down the numbers to try again.


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Great image there pp, I like the first one the best, "pucker up!" :lol: Good idea I think, the year in review. What was or is the number one photograph we have in our own personal archives for "06". :-k I'll go have a look at mine. :wink:

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Post by acerola »

Very good moment. I like your picture.
Fly romance.

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Post by puzzledpaul »

Thanks for the comments, guys - now let's see your choices, eh? :)

<< tough to pick one >>
Yep - that's the idea - it's the 'Desert Island Discs' final moment ...

(for non - UK members ... BBC Radio 4 prog where celebrity being interviewed has to pick 8 pieces of music to take with them on a deserted island ... at end of show, has to choose only one to save from getting washed away.)

Bruce - concur with points in your post ... but (for me) rarely seem to get'em all in one pic :)

<< I like the first one the best >>
Ken - you sure you've not been 'enfungified' ... as 2nd is just a crop of the 1st?


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Post by beetleman »

Does anyone think that they could be two Picture winged fly males trying to impress each other with their wings waving back and forth? The content of the photo is very unique and wonderfully captured Paul :smt023
Take Nothing but Pictures--Leave Nothing but Footprints.
Doug Breda

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