Amazon Pics Part 15

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Amazon Pics Part 15

Post by Moebius »

These jumpers are quite common in the area we stayed:


What would a jungle be without spiders?


Not the best pic, but how many times to you get to see a grasshopper taking a dump in the Amazon?


Ken Nelson
Canon 30D
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Post by beetleman »

And a beautiful hopper taking a dump it is Ken. More great shots. The spider is kinda creepy looking :wink:
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Ib Mathiasen
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Post by Ib Mathiasen »

Great shots - the spider look strange too me, and maybe it´s become too lages for the hard external cuticle, and stands in front of a moulting ?
Ib Mathiasen

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Yeah what would a jungle be without SPIDERS? I still got a big rememberance from a Banana Spider bite on my right thigh. Any ya'all seen them things? They could carry off a small dog, kind'a like that "chicken spider." They don't put up with much either, so don't drop your guard if you happen to get around one. :roll: Cool looking spider though. That grasshopper could use a roll of Scott I think, a guy just can't seen to get a private moment anymore, did ya offer him something to read? :lol:

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