Macro with C-770 UZ 10× zoom

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Macro with C-770 UZ 10× zoom

Post by MacroLuv »

I like my C-770 UZ 4 MP because of (among other features) 10× zoom.
My first digital was C-700 UZ 2 MP. So I'm in temptation to buy a successor of them - SP - 510 UZ 7MP.


Camera model Olympus C-770 UZ
Date/time 22.08.2005/12:12:44
Exposure time 1/400 s
F-number f/5.6
ISO 64
Focal length 9.9 mm


Camera model Olympus C-770 UZ
Date/time 22.08.2005/12:12:29
Exposure time 1/400 s
F-number f/4.5
ISO 64
Focal length 38.1 mm


Camera model Olympus C-770 UZ
Date/time 22.08.2005/12:12:15
Exposure time 1/400 s
F-number f/4.5
ISO 64
Focal length 43 mm
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Ib Mathiasen
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Post by Ib Mathiasen »

Beautiful picture - especially the perspective in picture one is fantastic - the wide-look becoming find here

The DOF in picture 3 works very well here - and the focus is set at the right place
Ib Mathiasen

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

These are some very beautiful shots there Nikola, I am always amazed at the quality of the images produced by those Olympus cameras. I once had an Olympus 35mm compact film camera many years ago and it too produced some outstanding photographs. :D

I am a bit perplexed though about the first image, a borderline close up maybe but gives reference to the following macros, which I can understand and a few of our members have also submitted similar posts in like manner and I too have commented on them. If there are no objections we will let this post stand but as a reminder to all of us, again, please try to stay within the forums guidelines. :wink:

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Post by beetleman »

Ken Is right People, we need to stick to close-up and macro here in the forums :smt045 :D :D :D I personally like the second one the best...suoer colors, super focus and that beautiful blue background Nikola is famous for :wink:
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