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Bill D
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Post by Bill D »

We recieved a Christmas gift basket. Inside was a little colorful Lollypop from China. I just had to take a picture of it, before somebody ate it! The whole thing is just about 50mm across. To the naked eye, the stripes are very sharp and vivid. Here is a view of about 20mm of it. When I first looked at my capture, I thought I had taken a soft focus picture. Upon further inspection, I can see that the different color stripes bleed into the white stripes ever so slightly.


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

A colorful and yummy image there Bill. =P~ Is there nothing sacred however :?: , that our lollipops now have to come from China. :lol:

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Post by beetleman »

Looks like Ken has a sweet tooth :wink: We have some special lollipops at the store were I work that I will have to take a picture of. Very colorful and a great shot Bill :wink:
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Ib Mathiasen
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Post by Ib Mathiasen »

The colorlines lead me inside the picture by the colered highway - the only problem is that i now have to go in the candystore, hmm.....
Ib Mathiasen

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