Amazon pics part 4

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Amazon pics part 4

Post by Moebius »

The dragons down there don't look much different than the ones up here. This was the first subject I shot down there. I remember he was about 8 feet up.


This was one of the tinier hoppers down there, I still remember the metallic blue coloration


I haven't quite figured out what this thing is yet...


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Post by acerola »

I like the blue hopper.
The last one is also a hopper or a larva of a hopper.

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Nice. I think pic #2 shows us a good side view of that "not a leg" appendage you asked about in your part 3 posting. I've never gotten a close look at a hopper like this. From the pictures, I'd guess that they have a stout piercing beak that's capable of being bent forward until it's perpendicular to the body. That strikes me as an unusual bending direction, but I haven't thought of another way to explain the pictures.


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Post by beetleman »

man...I want to go there :shock: beautiful pictures Ken!!
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Some very interesting pics Ken. I'd sure like to see more of that bizzare long, green crawler in pic3. I would imagine its extreme adaptation has a purpose (invarably does) - camouflage maybe - but not on that leaf I wouldn't think.


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