Jumping spider on dry & green

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Jumping spider on dry & green

Post by MacroLuv »

You know folks, I must go pretty close to the subjects to make a macro with my little camera and that is not always easy with living creatures. :D
You can see this kind of spider on the rock with barely visible orange abdomen.
I think I can see his eyelash peeping from the other side of green stalk on the second photograph. :lol:


Camera model Olympus SP-320
Date/time 14.06.2006/13:50:39
Exposure time 1/640 s
F-number f/4
ISO 64
Focal length 8 mm


Camera model Olympus SP-320
Date/time 14.06.2006/13:50:52
Exposure time 1/800 s
F-number f/3.5
ISO 64
Focal length 8 mm
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Really like the first shot there Nikola, the contast, background, the texture of the stem, all look great to me and oh yes, the spider too. Nice! :D

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Post by beetleman »

He is such a cutie Nikola. Beautiful shots and a very colorful spider :wink:
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Post by Cyclops »

Great photos Nikolas, I reckon its a male, hence the smaller abdomen.
Jumping spiders are the coolest! Just wish they were the size of Tarantulas!
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