alien like flower

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alien like flower

Post by dave_putty »

I had to share this unusual but very beautiful flower with all of you...also taken in the botanical gardens in Sheffield

As normal any advice is most welcome :?


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Post by Carl_Constantine »

Looks beautiful. I would only start to worry if it asks you to feed it!
FEED ME Seymor!
That second shot in particular is quite spetacular.
Carl B. Constantine

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Post by MacroLuv »

Nice! :D It is Hibiscus or Rosemallow.
Sometimes deep red or blue color could be problematic for a digital camera but here it shows very well.
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errors are welcome. :D

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Nikola said:
It is Hibiscus or Rosemallow.
I knew that...! :roll:...:lol:

Really I wanted to say Azalea but the anthers look a little arry for that. Colorful shot though, nice photograph Dave. :D

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Post by dave_putty »

Thanks guys :D

You know when I went in closer and head on my Nikon did go all funny...I just couldn’t get it to do anything right..this must be due to the color as MacroLuv mentioned
Nikon D80

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Post by beetleman »

Very Beautiful photos Dave I love the second one. When I was a kid in Florida USA, I used to pick these flowers and suck on the end, they are very sweet. :wink:
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Post by Cyclops »

Great shot of a Hibiscus flower!
We had some Hibiscus in our shop recently, i think they got too many in and a lot were thrown out!
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