Web of pearls

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Anupam Basu
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Web of pearls

Post by Anupam Basu »


I have been lurking for a few days and finally signed up today. Thought I'd post a couple of shots to start off. Any thoughts would be welcome.


Both shot with a Nikon F3 with DW4 finder. The first was with a Vivitar Series 1 105mm / f2.5 macro lens on a PN-11 tube and the second one was with a Nikkor 180 / 2.8 ED AI-S on about 80mm of extension.


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Post by MacroLuv »

Welcome Anupam! :D
Really great photographs for the first post here, congratulations. :smt023
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errors are welcome. :D

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Indeed welcome Anupam :D It is not to often that one finds a web with the mornings dew displayed so strikingly or then again maybe its not that I, personally, have really looked that hard in my attempts to do so. The background sets off these pearls of moisture really well and in a way they reminds me of the garnishing on a Christmas tree. Very well done. Glad to see that you have quit "lurking" in the shadows and decided to join our group, again welcome aboard. :D

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Post by beetleman »

I would like to add my welcome also...we have a great group of people here so make yourself at home. I have to say that these pictures of a wet web are one of the best I have seen. Like Ken said, the background really add a lot to the pictures. Great work on these Anupam :wink: (we want more!!)
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Bill D
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Post by Bill D »

Cool pictures! The second one would make nice wallpaper for a computer screen.

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Post by Carl_Constantine »

That's a really great picture. Dew on spider web. Always wanted to capture something like that. I like everything about these images. Keep up the great work.
Carl B. Constantine

Anupam Basu
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Post by Anupam Basu »

Thanks for the welcome and the kind words.

I only saw this phenomenon once this year on a very cold morning just before sunrise. I'll keep on the lookout next year - I want to try and shoot it on 4x5 with BW film. That might be a little tough to focus, but the movements should help.


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