Spear-winged fly...

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Spear-winged fly...

Post by crocoite »

Lonchopteridae(?) family...

on erigeron daisy...

Apologies to Carl - not often I get to post insects :)
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Post by MacroLuv »

Very nice! :D
I'm not sure about family but from my experience, those flies could be very very tiny.
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Really like the background and the composition on this Steve, nicely done. :D

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Post by crocoite »

Thanks guys. I was a little fortunate with this shot as it was not in the sun. Might have been too much contrast if it was.

Bill D
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Post by Bill D »

The light was perfect. None of the detail was lost in the whites. The exposure is right-on. I like it!

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Post by beetleman »

Here again , it looks like the flower is popping out of the background giving a nice effect on the picture IMO :wink:
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Re: Spear-winged fly...

Post by Carl_Constantine »

crocoite wrote:Apologies to Carl - not often I get to post insects :)
Not a problem. For the record, I like your mineral/rock shots, but we should post what we can get.

This is a nice picture.
Carl B. Constantine

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