Dual Flash

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Dual Flash

Post by Hatch1921 »

I recently purchased 2 Delta Flip Flash I Brackets and modified them to fit on one base plate. The 580ex and 430ex... I can now place the units closer to the end of the lens... this is a real change for me...an exciting change. The links are to the original/large versions of the shots.




Small housefly is now the ants snack.

Canon 20D
Canon 100mm macro
Canon 1.4xTC
64mm extension tubes
dual flash: Canon 580ex, Canon 430ex
ISO 100
f/11- F/13
1/200th a sec

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Excellent shots -- that dual flash is really working out well for you. :D

Is that first ant just scavenging, or did you witness the end of a battle?


PS. Thanks for posting links to the larger versions. I like to get in close on these things. :D

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Post by Ken Ramos »

Got to agree with Rik there Hatch, that dual flash is right on the money, these shots are really something, very nice work. :D

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Post by Hatch1921 »

Many thanks! I'm pretty pleased with the amount of light I now have... shooting ISO 100 is nice and not having the flash heads set to +3 is another. :)

The first shot is just a dead ant being brought back to the hole... no fight :(

Glad you like the shots and thank you for the comments.


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Post by beetleman »

I agree with everyone on the photos Hatch. You also have some nice DOF here for being so close. Very nice work. :smt023
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Post by Carl_Constantine »

not just DOF, but dimension. If you were to take those same shots with one flash straight on, I bet that while the images would be good, they wouldn't be as 3D looking.

I seem to remember reading somewhere on this forum (In fact, I think Sue stated it or provided the link) about using an angled flash to get more dimension in your shots. The Dual flash is very nice to do this for sure.
Carl B. Constantine

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Post by Erland R.N. »

Excellent details. Nice idea with links to those bigger versions.


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