The Hubble Space Telescope? No its BPAE

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Walter Piorkowski
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The Hubble Space Telescope? No its BPAE

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Leitz Ortholux
Leitz D1.20A condenser
10XGF projection eyepiece plus 1/3X relay lens
Canon 10D
CombineZM, Photoshop

Top image:
Leitz 25X Apo
Four images @ 60 seconds each

Middle image:
Leitz 40X Apo
6 images @ 120 seconds each

Bottom image:
Leitz 95X Fl oil @ NA 1.10
10 images @ 240 seconds each

After a long absence from this forum I return with some images of a slide provided to me for being a participant in the 2007 Olympus Bioscape contest. Labeled BPAE for Bovine Pulmonary Artery it is completely transparent. In brightfield it was a disappointment, but in darkfield a multitude of these arterial cells are revealed.

I don’t know what the small particles are that appear like stars, but they give the overall appearance of the subject a Hubble Space telescope image likeness.

Happy Holidays to all my forum friends.


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Post by rjlittlefield »

VERY nice pictures, Walt!

I got one of those slides too, but I couldn't see a dang thing in brightfield. My scope doesn't have darkfield built in and I didn't even think to try it.

Now that I have thought of it, I don't think I'll do it -- whatever I might see would be a disappointment after these lovely shots!


PS. I see the BioScapes 2007 results are posted (here). I was pleased to see that Wim Van Egmund placed a couple of images, but at least on quick scan, that was the only name I recognized. Congratulations to Wim! :D

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Post by augusthouse »


It makes you think doesn't it...

What you see under a microscope is like a reflection of what you see when you turn a telescope on the heavens? Is there a signature there???

BioScapes are also sending out free copies of the 2007 poster.

Ken Ramos
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It does have a nebulous appearance, maybe the bright spots are fat gobules or proteins, though I am only guessing. Great shots there Walt and Happy Holidays! :D

Charles Krebs
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The white dots sure do give it a "sci-fi" celestial amoeba look.

Hope to see you put a few more micro shots over here this winter Walt. Your myxo shots in the other group have been amazing!

Walter Piorkowski
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Thank you gentlemen. I appreciate the complement Rik and you are also correct in maybe not trying the darkfierld yourself. There is very little contrast and at higher magnifications (at least with my set up) the image is very dim. I resorted to photography to see the details.

Charles, glad you like the myxo images and by the way congratulations on winning more slots in the latest Nikon small world contest.


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