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Getting started

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:38 am    Post subject: Getting started Reply with quote

I've decided to take a foray into the macro world. Until now, it's been transmitted fun with my Diavert.

I've kludged this together to get a feel for things. I bought a gutted Ortholux II stand. I fully intended to cut the top and center the 3030 beam over the table, but I just couldn't bring myself to cut the stand, so I clamped the beam to the top at the end. I'm using my Minolta 80-200 APO as a tube lens for now. I'm still working on lighting, but for now am using a dual Dolan Jenner gooseneck.I attach the lens foot to the beam with an arca swiss.

what I like:
1. it was quick to come together and quite stable as working at 20x seems pretty easy.

2. The microscope focusing block works very well.

3. Having an integrated xy table is really helpful.

4. The Minolta APO and Mity 20x seem to like each other.

5. The first curtain electronic shutter on the A99 is really nice (as it has been on the Diavert).

what I don't like:

1. I would rather have the beam centered over the table, but this isn't causing any real problems yet.

2. I've ordered a large xy table, as my extension plate has to attach to the scale bar which was just designed for moving the slide holder and it's the weak spot here suffering from too much play and looseness in that axis.

3. The attachment weak spot is the foot collar going around the lens as it has some play in it.

4. The dolan jenner source fan needs to be mounted on the wall as it excites the lens collar slop.

I haven't started stacking yet. I have a WeMacro MicroMate to try out for this. I looks quite well built.

My first shot was of a diatom slide (with cover slip) with a flash lighting the slide directly from the side. Not too bad.

I've also bought a THK KR20 slide (1mm lead) on ebay as I want to play around with a horizontal setup too. That is a very nice slide.

It's amazing what a time sync even this simple setup has been!

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