New to macro. Query about Helicon Focus

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New to macro. Query about Helicon Focus

Post by ret1rd »

Almost all the posters on this forum seem to use Zerene focus stacking software. I have been using Helicon Focus. Is Zerene significantly better? Also, I have tried posting emails to the Support area for Helicon, but receive no response. Does anyone know if the company still exists?

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Full disclosure: I am Rik Littlefield, the fellow behind Zerene Stacker.

Regarding the comparison, see ... 463#198463 and the surrounding thread.

As far as I know, Helicon is still alive and well and living in Ukraine. The support part of their forum ( shows responses even as recent as today.


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thanks for your help

Post by ret1rd »

I was wrong about the lack of response. I sent an email to Helicon and thought I would get one in return. Should have posted on the forum.
I followed your link to the thread and found it helpful. It still seems true than most of the users of this forum use the Zerene software and I will try it out.

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Post by Olympusman »

I have tested Helicon Focus against Zerene Stacker with the sane series of shots, and Zerene easily won out. Helicon had too many artifacts - most notably haloing.

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New to macro. Query about Helicon Focus

Post by pierre »

Well, I use quite often Helicon Focus.
Guess fine tuning parameters might impact on the results.

Both ZS /HS have there good points.


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