Diatoms on alga

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Charles Krebs
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Diatoms on alga

Post by Charles Krebs »

Did a little more collecting from Puget Sound. This time instead of dragging my small plankton net around I scraped some alga from the sides of a dock float. Tried a variety of shots from the super simplistic first image to the incredibly dense diatom "jungle" seen in the last image.






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Post by 75RR »

All are beautiful images, but the third one in particular is both beautiful and interesting.

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Post by carlos.uruguay »

Absolutely beautiful !!!!!!!!!!

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Post by _Michal_ »

Great set.
Best regards

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Post by JohnyM »

I love 3rd one! 100x/1.4?

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Post by Cactusdave »

Out of superlatives as usual :shock: Every one interesting and beautiful, number 3 something extra special.
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Post by Jacek »

Super ! :shock:

Marek Mis
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Post by Marek Mis »


Simply breathtaking images !!! Marvelous, stunning, brillant, etc. :)
I am very jealous if about the opportunities of sampling such beautiful specimens.
All the images are fantastic but the third one is exceptional, indeed.


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Post by Olympusman »

Lovely stuff.

Michael Reese Much FRMS EMS Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles Krebs
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Post by Charles Krebs »

Thanks all!

I love 3rd one! 100x/1.4?
That was with the 40/0.95 S Plan Apo. (But with my trinocular optics is was recorded at 84X 9on an APS-C sensor).

#1 20X (recorded 43X on sensor)
#2 40X (recorded 84X on sensor)
#3 40X (recorded 84X on sensor)
#4 20X (recorded 43X on sensor)
#5 4X (recorded 8.4X on sensor)

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Post by Sumguy01 »

:smt038 Amazing set.
Thanks for sharing.
I also like #3 best.

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Post by René »

Amazing colours, Charlie! And the arrangement of the chloroplasts in that melosira-like filament is just lovely. Do you know what it is?

Best wishes, Rene

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Post by Pau »

Excellent images as usual.
Do you play during the stack with the correction collar to avoid degradation of the lower planes?. If so, could you explain how to do it? (I'm now beginning to play with my old recently acquired 40/0.95 Planapo...)

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Post by Gerd »

Very fine images, Charles ! I love the colours of the Ceramium red algae in combination with the diatom chloroplasts.
Thank you for sharing,
kind regards,


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Post by pwnell »

The third image is very special as it is a rare view of the 3D structure of this remarkable diatom. Most of the time I see them from the side or face on. One can clearly see the cylindrical shape they form as they connect to each other.

Very cool!

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