Fab's Macro Rig

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Fab's Macro Rig

Post by Doctorfab »

I'm ready to contribute in this valuable forum, with a post about my setup.
My name is Fabrizio, I am a professional photographer for more than 20 years, and macro photography is a passion of my passion!
Here's the rig I use indoor, when outside is cold or rainy.

The Nikon macro rig easily helps you spend a relaxing evening at home.


Here's the component list for the subject side:

Newport 481-A Rotation Stage
Suruga Seiki XYZ Stage
Thorlabs MB4560 Breadboard
Sorbothane Shock absorbing Rubber Feet
Micro Tweezer Specimen 4 way holder
Custom made plates
Fiber Optic Dual illuminator
Manfrotto flexible arms
Nikon SB-910 speedlights
Nikon SB-R200 macro speedlights
Nikon SD-9 Battery paks
Here's the component list for the camera side:

Pocket wizard AC3
Pocket wizard USB to 10 Pin cord
Pochet wizard mini TT1
Nikon AR7 double cable release
Nikon MR3 shutter release button
Nikon MC25 adapter cord
Solmeta 10 pin splitter
USB cable & USB cable holder
HDMI cable
Nikon EH5B Power supply connector
Nikon EP5B Power supply adapter
Macro Nikkor 19mm f 2.8 lens
Macro Nikkor 35mm f 4.5 lens
Macro Nikkor 65mm f 4.5 lens
Macro Nikkor 120mm f 6.3 lens
Nikon BR15 ring adapter
Nikon PK11A extension tube
Nikon PK12 extension tube
Nikon MBD12 battery grip
Nikon D800E camera body
Nikon PN11 extension ring
Nikon PB6 & PB6E & PB6D bellows with extension
Arca Swiss 150mm plate
Arca Swiss monoball table X geared macro rail
Arca Swiss monoball plate
Hejnar clamp
Sunwayfoto DPG 3016 rail

I hope you enjoy it!
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Post by canonian »

Welcome Fabrizio.

This is absolute gearporn! Quite an impressive setup.
Hope to see results from this rig soon.

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Post by lothman »

Hi Doctorfab,

very nice setup. What do you use for the stacking movement?


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Post by abpho »

Yes. Very nice indeed. Can't wait to see your work.

I'm in Canada! Isn't that weird?

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Post by Doctorfab »

Thank you! For stacking i use the y axis of the Suruga Seiki stage, it's slow I know, but for now that's the only way I can move the subject. The camera shoots at 2 seconds intervals, with a 2 seconds shutter delay. Photoshop CS6 is taking care of the rest!

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Post by Inseewincesee »

I'm intrigued on your lighting choice, and how you go about using it.

I recently purchased a Schott LCD 1500 fibre optic unit, rather than Flash or LED constant lighting rig.
But to be honest, I'll probably end up getting flash units as well, as I can use them in other applications.

Questions: Do you use both together?, if so why the need / want?
If using both, what factors in your choice of lighting balance, and how do you achieve it? [Meter the balance basically ]

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