Blow Fly proboscis in lateral view

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Blow Fly proboscis in lateral view

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This image is a side view of the extended mothparts of a common Blow Fly (the big bluebottle fly Calliphora vomitoria - an appropriate name due it's habit of 'spitting' on food).
It is meant to compliment my set of images
and probably should have been the 1st image of the set as an aid to orientation. This is a full 3-dimensional image with the entire head suspended in cedarwood oil, not flattened.

Note the weird terminology 'terminus of food canal'; the true mouth of the fly is somewhere up in the head at the start of the alimentary canal.
"flat plates with bifurcated tip" should read ".... tips".

This whole discussion was prompted by Rik's, and later Dave's, excellent images of a Blow Fly's proboscis.
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very impressive to say the least, excellent picture and thank you for sharing it!

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Impressive! great details and lovely light.....a joy to view!
congrats :wink:

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