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Hello guys

I have just finished this shot today. It is a very small fly. I stacked a lot of shots in zerene. The photo is taken with my new lens Carl Zeiss planachromat GF 25x/0.50 corrected on Canon 200mm f2.8 L on EOS 40D.


Click 2000 pixel ... pixlov.jpg

where you can see comparison with match and ruler and you can see how big is a head of this fly :)
Tomas Rak

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Some members use a technique to reduce the sudden transition from in focus parts of the image to the out-of-focus areas. It is accomplished by stopping down an aperture for an additional 15-20 images. Is such an approach possible with your setup?

See morfa's post here: ... hp?t=11543

Also, have you attempted the sub-stack > combine, or the partial stack > merge method?

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