Twisty diatom and [perhaps] silicoflagellate

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Twisty diatom and [perhaps] silicoflagellate

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"Suriella spiralis", said to also be a bioindicator, from Italy. 100x, DIC.

In a strew slide I received, I think it's freshwater fossil diatoms from Germany, I found this spiky thingy. 100x, brightfield.
I think it's a silicoflagellate.

More info here:

Hope I'm allowed to plug my Instagram, 2 uploads a week.

Thanks for viewing!

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Re: Twisty diatom and [perhaps] silicoflagellate

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Any chance of making a stereo pair of the S. spiralis? It seems an excellent candidate!

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Re: Twisty diatom and [perhaps] silicoflagellate

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=D> Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

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