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PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:49 am    Post subject: Sold Reply with quote

This 20x objective works on any upright 160 mm tube scope.

You can use it without 0.17mm cover slip. You pour pond water sample into a petri dish, keep water layer to about 1.2-1.4mm thick (slightly thicker than a microscope side), then directly observe the petri dish on scope under that objective.

By using it this way, sample volume is much larger and chance of seeing interesting organisms is much higher (than picking sample to observe under cover slips).

Working distance is good enough. Kids at science fair should be able use it that way.

Exact water thickness is not important, at this low NA of 0.40. I don't know the exact optical calculations but I don't see obvious optical issues with 1.0-1.6mm of water layer above my subject of interest (such as diatoms).

Photos of the objective can be found on my eBay page:

This is a Bausch & Lomb Plan 20x 0.40 160/1.2 Ph3 phase contrast DIN objective, in very good optical condition.

By design, this objective is an inverted phase contrast objective corrected for 1.2mm cover glass. But its low NA of 0.4 and phase contrast makes it very tolerate of optical errors caused by cover thickness variations.

So you don't have to use it on an inverted scope, and you can trade 1.2 mm of glass (RI=1.52) with around 1.37 mm of water (RI=133). At low NA of 0.4, such a trade does not produce perceivable image difference. Here is a discussion and some optical calculations Rik helped me with previously: http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28664&start=0

I can sell this objective for $47 shipped (I bought it for around $60), outside off eBay. I am selling it, because I have and prefer to use a short barrel objective for parfocal convenience. This objective is a 45mm DIN objective.
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