FAQ: Where to buy new Nikon, Mitutoyo & other objectives

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FAQ: Where to buy new Nikon, Mitutoyo & other objectives

Post by ChrisR »

Nikon UK gave price /delivery today ( 9th April 2015) as follows on these popular infinite objectives. "1-3 weeks" means they are currently in stock somewhere in Europe.

Updated where DARK RED 1st August 2016. Prices were unchanged.
Updated where INDIGO 6th December2017. All Prices changed.

Note that ordering has to be by product number, but product numbers are not shown on Nikon Instruments' UK website :roll:. Their office is also uncertain what's shown on the website where the description is ambiguous, without checking.

Nikon UK do NOT ship to outside UK.

4X E CFI MRP70040

CFI Plan 4X £143 nikon MRL00042

4x BE MRN70040
£33 2-3 weeks, European stock

£31 2-3 weeks, European stock

10x BE MRN70100
£52 6-10 weeks, Japan stock

£47 2-3 weeks, European stock

10x Nikon CFI E MRP70100.
£113 1-2 weeks

10x CFI MRL00102 (the gold one)
£194 1-2 weeks

All prices are GBP, + carriage +VAT (20%)
UK postage is about £5

Neither of these is the Nikon CFI, black, MRP00102. It's a different objective, which may not have been tested 'here' yet.

Edit: AUSTRALIA try the local Nikon Agent:
http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... 520#168520
AUS $ update: Revised prices as of 15 Feb 2016
4X infinty objective MRP40100 - 155 + gst + shipping (30)
10X infinity objective MRP70100 - 195 + gst + shipping (30)
Nikon agent now is ScopeScientific

NB More than one vendor has been known to supply something other than what you ordered. They don't always know what they have. It may be worth pre-confirming.
For example, "E" and "BE" objectives are often confused. It's safer to use the correct part number.

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Post by rjlittlefield »

In the US, objectives like these are usually in stock at SEO Enterprises, for example the MRL00102 at http://www.seoenterprises.com/shop/prod ... ctid=16268 .

Another regular supplier is Spectra Services, for example http://spectraservices2.com/Merchant2/m ... e=MRL00102 .

The CFI BE objectives used to be available through Optics Planet, but that retailer no longer carries them. They continue to be available through other suppliers and from Nikon directly.


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Post by ChrisR »

Those retailers also stock Mitutoyo, Olympus and other objectives.
For Mitutoyos and some others, see your local national EdmundOptics website. They publish prices.

Another US supplier example:
https://microscopecentral.com/products/ ... 3125172865
Chris R

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