another marine dino in fluorescence

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another marine dino in fluorescence

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Hi guys, here's the marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium ostenfeldii, one of the toxic algae in the sea. It is stained with calcofluor, which is an optical brightener. It stains the cellulose theca, so the different plates can be determined for identification. The cell is about 55um diameter, the fuzzy dots are tiny chlorophytes out of focus.

Frontal view (stack of 18 images, 1 um apart)

Top view (stack of 23 images, 1um apart)

This is a series of images 0.66 um apart from a detail on the top (the apical pore complex)

And here's the corresponding stack with Helicon Focus:
The stack could be a bit better, the first image of the stack shows a more clear inner line of the 'key hole' pore, but this is what Helicon Focus makes of it in auto-mode. Mind you, this is at the edge of resolution for this lens. The thick line of the key hole is about 0.5um thick, the distance between the thick and thin line is 0.7um. The calculated resolution of the lens used here is 0.5um with green light (20x/NA 0.7).

Best wishes, René

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Very nice details on #1.


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Very interesting,


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Nice fluo picture !
Thank you René !
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Very well.

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