Mounting small bugs

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Mounting small bugs

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I use standard entomological (insect) pins to hold insects for photography. These pins are a standard length of about 37 mm and come in several diameters, labeled as 000 , 00, 0,.........7.
for larger insects, length >15 mm, simply sticking the pin in the insect will hold the insect firmly.
For small insects one needs a small diam pin. However, such fine pins will not hold the insect firmly, a tendency for the insect to rotate on the pin. Large pins will hold but will often damage the bug.
Solution: glue 2 minuten pins onto a fine regular insect pin and use the resulting prong to securely hold tiny insects (on the side opposite to the one to be photographed) without damage:

Here is the image with this set-up:
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Neat idea. Thanks.

Bug macro - I'm finding out it's not just about camera, lens and how to point it.
- Ian
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