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Imaging Tips

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I don't know if there is already simple imaging "Tips" thread, but I thought I would post a couple techniques that make life easier for me.

1. I use dental wax to hold the pin on pinned insect specimens. This wax is available in the dental care section of most pharmacies (for covering orthodontic wires). It is very sticky and a surprisingly small blob will hold a pin and specimen in position.

2. I like using a grey background for my shots because it does not add color to the specimen and sometimes I have found that a colored background affects how the viewers brain interprets the color of the specimen. Staples and other office supply type stores sell sheets of colored foam core, including grey. It has a smooth surface without the fibers you find in colored paper. The dental wax sticks to it nicely. It is not a completely neutral grey so it should not be used to white balance.

3. I use a calibrated digital white balance grey card that has an exact neutral reflectance. When you measure it, you get the same values for red, blue and green. I make a shot of this card with the exact lighting setup I am using for my specimens: lights, reflectors, diffusers, etc.
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