Basic Metal Working

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Basic Metal Working

Post by augusthouse »

Basic Metal Working

I have generally used a 'plug n play' approach (working with available threaded holes already present in the metal pieces/parts) when constructing basic adapter plates and brackets, etc, for use in tabletop setups.

However, the time has come to retrieve my drill press from storage and commence drilling and thread tapping.

I found this video on YouTube to be helpful.

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Post by AndrewC »

The hardest thing I find when hand tapping is getting a straight thread. Tapping guide blocks are a great aid, or you can just hold the tap in your drill press and rotate by hand but you don't get much torque that way. IThe other thing to remember is that you don't need deep threaded holes - most of the holding strength comes from the first couple of threads - all the more reason to get them cut straight !


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Post by Planapo »

Thanks for this link, Craig! :D

I have always wanted to know how one can cut such threads, doesn't look too difficult. And the video is great for gathering some 'exotic' vocabulary too.


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Post by rjlittlefield »

The video is very well done. I've done light machining since I was a kid, but I still picked up a couple of tips from watching. Thanks for the link.


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