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novizio on macro

Post by Houdini87 »

Hi everyone, this is for me the first message on this forum, I am passionate about photographing my creations of very small threads, and I would like to optimize my photos and my equipment. Currently I'm shooting with a Canon 200D and a Sigma 105 macro lens, I would like to increase the magnification, sifting through the web, I realized that the best method would be to buy a rail, wemacro type, extension tubes and the microscope lens only, right? Perhaps for the purchase of these products, do I need to change something in my current setup or not? When purchasing extension tubes, how many mm do they need? Is there a tutorial on the calculation and possibly settings? Thanks to all in advance for the help

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Houdini87, welcome aboard!

There is a FAQ on using objectives, at ... hp?t=12147 ("FAQ: How can I hook a microscope objective to my camera?")

I suggest to start there, then ask again when you have further questions.

I am guessing that for your application, a 4X objective would be good.

Some types of 4X objectives can also be used at lower magnifications, down to around 2X, as described for example at ... 380#101380 and ... 404#115404 .


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