Request for reference image of iphone pixels

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Request for reference image of iphone pixels

Post by Mendel314 »

I just finished machining some microfiche lens mounts yesterday to attach them to my rig. They are rated for rather high magnification, so I did some preliminary test shots of my iphone screen, but the highest magnification objective I have is a 10x mitutoyo for reference. If anyone has any higher magnification objectives and an iphone 6 or 6s, could you kindly post a picture of some in focus pixels for me to compare my results with? I will post my results tonight after I shoot some other targets for reference. I was shooting a white screen with black text, and trying to shoot part of a letter, so if you can get some part of a letter in your image, it would be useful.

I am happy to report that I am asking this because I could not find any results online that were as good as what I was getting last night, so I need a better reference to compare my results with.

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Post by barnack-bill »

Well I can't aspire to iphones of any generation but this is my Nexus tablet 323 DPI using a micro Minolta microfiche lens reversed on a 200mm f4.5 Soligor lens as a 'tube' lens. I'll try to find time to repeat it using the bellows and compare it with some other microfiche lenses from my recent batch purchase.

Whole frame


1:1 pixel


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