file storage in Zerene Stacker

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file storage in Zerene Stacker

Post by dales »

I use Zerene Stacker a lot but I am not sure about how and where the files are stored. When a stack is made the output files save into the same folder as the original files came from. Where are projects stored? I search the Zerene folders and I cannot find them. Obviously Open Projects are a mystery too. Same is true for Retouched stacked. Where do they get filed?


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Post by rjlittlefield »

All files of any significant size are stored in the project folder.

Before you have done a File > Save Project, the project folder is stored in a place that depends on the strategy selected at Options > Preferences > New Projects.

The standard strategy "In default temp directory" uses a location that is system dependent. It is very different on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To figure out where that is, perhaps the simplest approach is to add a source file to create a new project, then do an Options > View Console Log and look for entries like "Done writing preview file **path**/previewimages/-Unaligned-0.jpg", and look at the **path** part.


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