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DIC simulation

Post by NikonUser »

I have not seen this ref. on PMG.net

"How to create Nomarski-like effects with simple filter techniques"

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Craig Gerard
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Post by Craig Gerard »


That is a good reference article; now on my list of things to do.

The article is written by Wim van Egmond (he's 'round here somewhere).

If you do a forum 'Search for Author' (second input field) using 'Wim van Egmond' as the search criteria; you will find valuable information.

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Will Milne
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Post by Will Milne »

I have tried using that approach on my BH-BHA and could not acheive the effect he demonstrates despite much fiddling and numerous attempts. It does look nice in the examples he shows.


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Will, when things are set up properly, you should see a small image of that filter appearing at the rear lens of your objective. Did you happen to check that? I suspect that with different condensers it may be difficult to get the filter properly sized and positioned along the optical axis.


Will Milne
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Post by Will Milne »

Thanks Rik

I will have another go and try the your suggestion.


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