WTB - Damaged Optics For Testing

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WTB - Damaged Optics For Testing

Post by J_Rogers »

Preface: This is not a profit making venture.
I am looking to purchase a few damaged, or junk lenses for testing and research. Ideally something with element delamination or severe loss of focus. Will also consider anything with moderate to extreme "Schneideritis" and or fungus; the more the merrier. No autofocus lenses. No microscope objectives.

In the event I actually fix the lens, you will have the opportunity to buy it back for the same price I paid + return shipping.

Open to almost anything with the above conditions if the price is right.

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Re: WTB - Damaged Optics For Testing

Post by Milou »

That's a shame your are living in the other side of the Atlantic, as I could have sent my SZH Olympus body with damaged bottom lenses....
See pictures here

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Re: WTB - Damaged Optics For Testing

Post by ray_parkhurst »

I have a box of "bad lenses" that might fit with your project.

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