Beetle eye, 20x

Images taken in a controlled environment or with a posed subject. All subject types.

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Me too! One thing I've noticed among practitioners with tens, hundreds or thousands of hours of experience under their belts, is that they develop surprisingly different methods and styles. Always great to watch.

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Me too..

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Re: Beetle eye, 20x

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daemonoropsis wrote:Im seriously considering this as a large wallprint for out living room. what do you guys think?
I rarely get excited about a focus stacked image -but I love the color and the detail in that shot!

If I could voice a single criticism it would be in the composition: To me the subject of the image is the eye, and it's centered. That centering would work for me if it filled the frame but it doesn't. Had you placed it in a rule of thirds hot spot, or looked for a more interesting angle, I think that the image would be a lot better. Getting all of that detail won't save an image that isn't properly composed...

I wouldn't bother giving you my .02 if I didn't think that you have a lot of potential -and you do! The amount of work you put into cleaning up that shot, and the overall color and saturation tells me that you have a great eye for photography (and no small amount of talent). But composition is king, and no one walks thought a museum claiming that the art isn't sharp enough...

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Put me down for the video as well. No pressure. Really! So, when do we get to see it. :D
I'm in Canada! Isn't that weird?

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Please count my request in as well for the video. would love to learn this no matter how daunting and complicate the process is, the cleaning job on this is second to none.

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