Mitutoyo adapter supply found.

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Mitutoyo adapter supply found.

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I just recieved my mitutoyo to camera filter adapter.

Bought it on ebay for 10 pounds.

It is very well made. Anodised black and no problems with the threads. It conects a 26mm 36tpi objective to a camera lens with 58mm camera thread.

I fitted it to a 58mm to 72mm adapter and thence my sigma 150mm macro. No problems!

The guy who makes them is jinfinance

If your interested do an international search on ebay for: m26 objective

That will give you 2 types of adapter. A flat ring suitable for infinite objectives and a conical adapter good for finite objectives.

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Thanks for that link. I had purchased a number of items from that seller; but did not know he had released a conical BD adapter until you brought it to our attention. :) ... 0433879014

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