Schneider Electronic Shutter: setting shutter aperture

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Schneider Electronic Shutter: setting shutter aperture

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Not really a macro specific topic, but there may be some experts out there:

I got this Schneider Electronic Shutter System. I got one lens for wich Schneider custom service has set the aperture to the specific lens: Rodenstock HR Digaron-S. As it is my most important (and most expensive) lens, the cost from setting it at Schneider's shop was ok.
Now I want to migrate my other largeformat lenses to electronic shutter, bought one used shutter, but the minimum aperture is much too small, as there was a 72mm lens in it before and will be 120mm Apo-Macro-Digitar in the future.

Do someone know how to store the lens information in the shutter?
I wouldnt care if the "real" aperture will not match the aperture information on the shutterapp (dont mesureing lights anymore, just shooting and try), aslong I can open the iris to the max.

I may be able to confect a specific cable if someone know the hack. I have some LEMO connectors laying 'round.

And yes, if someone worrys about lens alignement and dust: I have acces to a cleanroom DIn7 and mesuring equipment (0.001mm)

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