Sony DXC-107A CCD -IRIS Video Microscope Camera good for??

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Sony DXC-107A CCD -IRIS Video Microscope Camera good for??

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I am unfamiliar with microscope video cameras, but have shot photos through my Nikon Eclipse/ D800E / Stackshot setup, etc. and have experimented with attaching a microscope objective to the DSLR.

Is an old Sony DXC-107 CCD-Iris Color Video Microscope Camera with CMA-D2 camera adapter good for parts (the objective) or for video? Or would I be better off trying to shoot video through my camera setup? I also have the Nikon D850. I tried Googling for images/video with this camera (the Sony).

I may have the time sensitive opportunity to pick up the Sony outfit for ~ $50.
Would you bite or pass?? Thank you.

Also, any opinions on the Olympus CH-2 CHT microscope vs Nikon Eclipse e200 microscope (I have the Eclipse, but the chance to obtain the Olympus)?

Thanks for any opinions.


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