Fotodiox Nikon lens to Canon camera adapter with confirmatio

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Fotodiox Nikon lens to Canon camera adapter with confirmatio

Post by stevekale »

Anyone had issues with these before?

I have been grappling for the last couple of months with a camera issue. Occasionally, the pulse from my Stackshot would cause the shutter to trip but the flash wouldn't fire. Then, with the next pulse, nothing would happen. Therefore, every so often I'd have a black image and a skipped frame. It's been driving me nuts.

I isolated all the Stackshot gear other than the shutter cable, tried tethered and untethered. I thought I had tried different lenses but I'm now unsure.

I swapped the shutter cable with Cognisys. No change.

My 1Ds II went in for repair and they replaced the hot-shoe mount, contact set etc. £220. No change.

It went back. New thermal interface and interface pcb. Back today and.... no change.

I then decided to try a different lens setup. While I had thought I had done this at the beginning - and may well have - I now can't get the issue to appear with my 100mm 2.8L Macro affixed to the camera rather than the Nikon 135mm 2.8 Nikkor AI (and 10x objective) affixed via the Fotodiox adapter.

I'm wondering if the confirmation chip is wreaking havoc with the camera somehow.

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