Introductory set-up

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Introductory set-up

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I have attached a photo of my setup so far. It consists a Nikon PB-6 bellows, meopta enlarger stand, S series Nikon microscope and Nikon D300S camera (not shown as I now have only one digital camera). I will be trialing the setup with various objectives and lighting techniques. I will probably use manual flash from two positions-one to light the subject the other to reduce shadows. This setup has been put together from bits and pieces that I either had already (camera and enlarger stand) or purchased on Ebay. I appologise for the clutter in the picture background but I presently live in a very small flat while I am trying to build a house on a shoe-string budget. I have very good flash units that can be very accurately set including a Meca Blitz that gives very accurate and consistent colour temperature. I will try to get some results in the not too distant future. By the way, the microscope plus the Nikon bellows cost A$479.00 on Ebay (two separate purchases), not too bad I thought. I have also ordered a remote shutter release. My son actually bought me one for Xmas but it turned out to be not suited to the D300 (that's Camera House for you). On this microscope only the stage moves up and down for focussing while I have all sorts of movement options with the bellows. :) Image

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