Second Hand Nikon Instrument-very solid.

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Second Hand Nikon Instrument-very solid.

Post by georgetsmurf »

I have recently purhased on ebay a Nikon microscope-I think a S series polarizing instrument from the 1970's. I intend to set it up on a fixed stand, probably a modified enlarger column that incorporates a camera and bellows attachment. I am currently building a small house so am a bit preoccupied at the moment. Progress could be a bit slow. Have a look at the instrument, I would appreciate if anybody knows anything about them. I have also purchased some really nice looking Carl Zeiss Jena APO objective lenses that I have yet to try out. Only received them today.Image

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Post by Mitch640 »

Are you in the US? I recently bought an older Fluophot and needed a manual for it. Someone pointed me to the Nikon site. You have to sign up for an account, [free], then there is a section to ask a question. Register your scope, using it's serial number, then ask for a manual for it. A day or so later, they will send you a link to download the manual in PDF format. There is also an EU Nikon if your over there. ... direct/ask

I have contacted them with other questions, and they are very helpful, even forwarding one question to a guy in their Nikon repair facility here in the US. I e-mailed him and he got back to me within a day.

It's unlikely there will be any kind of paper manuals for that scope, just digital, and almost certainly they will have no parts or anyone still working there that has any experience with these old scope. Probably your best bet is to join a Yahoo Group specialized in Microscopes.

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Post by PauloM »

Not specific to the Pol version, but here's a manual for the S microscope.

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Just comparing the pictures, it looks a little like this Ske. ... ke_Pol.jpg

This link is taken from James McHone's website, where he has quite a bit of information on polarized microscopy.

Another article on the Nikon S series, in general, might be of interest; it's from Micscape Magazine.


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Post by georgetsmurf »

Thanks everybody for the huge amount of information you have either supplied or made accessible. I am particularly interested in the trinocular head setup that seems to be availble if I can only find one. Maybe I could look at obtaining an Olympus or a Zeiss and modify the tapered mounting flange if necessary. What do you think? I will also look for a mechanical stage. Great that you guys are able to show me some very interesting literature on this scope. It seems that there is a filter holder under the condenser that mine is missing also.
Great-Thanks, George

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Some additional food for thought.

The macroscope approach.

See post (from 2008) of setup by Tonikon (link below): ... 7104#37104

(you'll need to compensate for vibrations introduced by the camera...the fixed stand and bellows mentioned in your initial post should address some of those issues)

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