Orthoplan Photomicrography using KAVAR

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Re: Orthoplan Photomicrography using KAVAR

Post by Pau »

Perl wrote:
Mon Mar 13, 2023 11:13 pm
The GW 10X 26 FOV Periplan are not specified to any special tubelength
I don't know the eyepiece you are referring to, but as you very likely know the eyepieces for 170 and 160 scopes are different (and the TL is not written on them):
170: primary image located 18mm below the end of the tube, i.e. optical TL 152mm
160: DIN standard, primary image located 10mm below the end of the tube, optical TL 150mm

I use 170 Periplan eyepieces with a 8mm extender in my 160 microscope for this reason. Optically they seem to be full compatible. Using 160 eyepieces on 170 stands would not be convenient

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Re: Orthoplan Photomicrography using KAVAR

Post by Perl »

Dont think it matter on Leitz Microscopes
But not sure about if this is just for 10 X Periplan FOV 26

But my 8 X FOV 28 Newer Design Periplan working fine on my Orthoplan

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Re: Orthoplan Photomicrography using KAVAR

Post by bill2penn »

UPDATE: I received the Orthomat-W optical tube plus camera and cartridge a couple days ago from my friend in Netherlands and have been busy exploring it's use as a digital camera adapter especially for wide-field use. While I'm still in the process of getting everything sorted, I am quite happy with the performance so far with my Canon 6D. However as I will describe in a separate thread, the Orthomat-W will be best (and almost perfectly!) matched with a mirrorless Canon camera which has a shorter flange to sensor distance (20mm) than my 6D (44mm). I include a couple images of a large diatom arrangement made by the late Klaus Kemp. These are single images (not stacked nor stitched) and with NO post-processing adjustments (except I had to scale them down to 1024x683 pixels to post them here) taken through the Orthomat-W set at 2.0X using my Canon 6D camera sitting on top of the tube without any adapter. They were taken with a Leitz NPL Fluotar 6.3X NA=0.20 170mm tube length lens.
For reference the size of the area being imaged is 1.49x2.23 mm. So with a diagonal of 2.68mm I believe this corresponds to a field-of-view or FN of 16.8. The Orthomat-W at 2X should have a field of view (FN) of 22. The reason I see less is because my camera sensor is 12mm further away than the original camera. I will detail this more in the other thread I will start (someday!).

EDIT: I have started the other thread here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=45851

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