A few pond creatures

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A few pond creatures

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Just a few creatures that showed up in pond samples last fall. IDs are tentative - any corrections welcome.

Cheers, David

Technical: DIC, Nikon camera controlled with Capture One, high-speed flash
1. Strobilidium sp. - sometimes very common; often attached to the substrate by an almost invisible strand; generate a huge feeding current; 40 µm wide
2. Mallomonas sp. - seem to be different arrangements of the spines on different individuals; 52 µm body length (flagellum is about the same length as the body)
3. Synura sp. surrounded by red Trachelomonas sp. - the flagellated Synura form colony balls that roll around; Trachelomonas is actually an euglenid, and they have an eyespot. They can occur in HUGE numbers and are a favorite food for all the predators; Trachelomonas is 18-20 µm in diameter; Synura ball is about 125 µm in diameter
4. Looks like something with a big red eye and a long schnoz; in reality, it's a predator (maybe some sort of hypotrich?) that ate a Trachelomonas; I think the mouth is at the hairy end; about 115 µm wide

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Re: A few pond creatures

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Those are really neat. I used to sit and watch things like this for hours. :smt023

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Re: A few pond creatures

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Very nice. Thanks for sharing =D>

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