Book Review: The Sphagnum Ponds of Simelried in Germany: A biodiversity Hot-Spot for Microscopic Organisms. Martin Kreutz and Wilhelm Foissner, Protozoological Monographs, Vol. 3, 1-267 2006 Shaker-Publishers; ISBN 3-8322-2544-7

Text copyright Steve Neeley, 2006. All rights reserved.


While in pursuit of the identification for a strange amoeba I stumbled upon, I subsequently stumbled across a review of this fine booklet (HERE). I seem to stumble a lot. :)

Intrigued, I found the booklet for sale at Amazon's UK site (HERE) but at a cost of almost $40 USD to me (i.e. with shipping to the U.S.). Happily, I visited the publisher's site and found them offering a non-printable PDF version for download at just about $3.75 USD - a real bargain! - payable via PayPal, which makes it available to a great many people.

I downloaded it and found it excellent

As the review - above -- notes, the booklet is studded with many fine DIC photos of common, and some not so common, organisms with explanations - which makes it particularly valuable to forum members. Below is a sample page (offered here by permission of the publisher)

At $3.75 USD I doubt you could find a better guide book to many of the organisms whose photos haunt the halls of the Amateur Microscopy forum. I believe the photos and explanations also issue a sort of challenge to the many fine practitioners here to further explore some of the 'hidden' features of these 'beasties'

If you'd like to see the Sphagnum Ponds of Simmelried from the air (OK, from satellite), go to Google Maps and type in 'N47 43.05 E9 05.61'.

Steve Neeley is an amateur microscopist and is a longtime, valued member of

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